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The official version of Scorpion Pool (Nashlin turned on the bug mode, but the opening battle of the Man-faced Demon Spider was a bit difficult, Scorpion can still cast spells? Liu Xiaowu flirted hard, Nashilin almost kissed a fake, the beauty "pregnant belly " a bit obvious) Is this all right? ,

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product catalog: 1. Photo of the scorpion Nashilin 2. Did Nashilin's scorpion soul bone come from here? 3. Nashilin's scorpion leg is broken 4. Nashilin scorpion soul ring World History of Spider Lance in Shilin Bar 6. The linear restraint effect of Nashilin 7. The spider god of Nashilin casts spells 8. Nashilin in the inner Tangmen absorbs the sphinx scorpion demon and then it is not the same 9. Nashilin is killed by scorpions And resurrection 10. Nashilin seven scorpion legs 1. Scorpion Nashilin photo Editor's Note: By the time the Tang Sect's mainland has progressed to that point, Nashilin will have started a new wave of bug business models, and this first The sphinx will be killed in six games. The sphinx is a key role in the Tugong jungle. It doesn't mean how important it is to the jungle, or how high its dominance is, but that it It is very important for Naslin. 2. Did Nashilin's scorpion soul bone come from? Since Nashilin first came to the Tang Sect, the soul ring and soul bone on his head are all related to this creature, and this unfortunate sacrifice , or the chin sacrifice indirectly caused by the sphinx marks the breaking of Nashilin's winning percentage, and it is also the turning point of Nashilin's new wave of bug mentality. It is very important for Naslin. 3. It is shameless to pick up Li Jianqin and pinch the sphinx first when Nashilin's scorpion leg is broken. It indirectly caused the chin sacrifice, so Nashilin's hatred for him is fundamental, not inferior to After Na Shilin of Shishen Temple used Chuncao Chizihong to arouse the drum chin, the second thing he did was to seek revenge from the Sphinx. The chin comes first. 4. Nashilin scorpion soul ring sphinx became Nashilin's catharsis tool, blue silver domain tracking position, soul bone, shikigami professional skill Accous, forcing sphinx to use survival professional skill spider god Casting spells, the poor Sphinx is considered a SE9 event this time 5. Nashilin Bar Spider Lance World History Shiki God Spellcasting Sphinx is definitely not a strong opponent against Nashilin at that time, but of course we can't underestimate it, Although it may lose in the end, it also caused a lot of trouble for Nashilin before he died. The Sphinx used a professional skill called Spider God's spellcasting, which greatly improved its combat power. There is also a professional skill called shikigami spellcasting at the first level, which is more than that at the beginning of the beast shikigami. In order to fight with your own beast shikigami, most of the animal shikigami beginners need shikigami casting spells (masters only limit). 6. The linear restraint effect of Nessler's forest So the spider god of the sphinx is similar to the effect of this kind of shikigami? 7. The professional skills of Ness' Forest Spider God's spellcasting and Sphinx's spellcasting. First of all, we must clarify that the nature of the spider god's spellcasting and the shikigami's spellcasting are different. The spider god is just a name. Secondly, the spider god's spellcasting is a kind of instantaneous high-burst energy generated at the cost of consuming cultivation base, which can greatly increase the combat power of the lion-body demon spider. It is different from the shikigami's spellcasting. It's like a buff added by the elementary level before the battle, which helps the initial level to release the soul skills, and at the same time consumes the initial level of soul power. 8. Nashilin in the Tang Sect absorbs the sphinx and scorpion. The main body is a soul beast, and the other is a human being. Both of them are used to enhance combat power. Obviously, the spider god's spellcasting is also a very strong professional skill. 9. Nashilin was resurrected by a scorpion. Is it really hard to beat the Sphinx? We can see from the first time Nashilin got the Eight Spider Soul Bone to the two fights with the Sphinx, in fact, the Sphinx is still very difficult to defeat. Even with the sacrifice of the chin, Nashilin It was not all smooth sailing against the Sphinx, and it took some effort to beat it down. It is inevitable that some people will ask, why is the Sphinx so difficult to fight? There are two main reasons for this: the first is that Nashilin itself is not good enough and his strength is not good. 10. The fact that Nashilin has seven scorpion legs is actually a fact. At that time, Nashilin had not yet reached the level where it could instantly kill the sphinx, and the cultivation level of the sphinx can also be improved with the age, and those with more than ten thousand years Even if it is titled Tangmen, it cannot be said to be lost in an instant, not to mention that it has professional skills such as invisibility and spellcasting. It is full of halos of the protagonist, but after the chin sacrifice, we saw a living Nashilin, he will also fail and encounter an invincible enemy. Nashilin is defeated, and the chin sacrifice is over. Na Shilin's winning streak of hacking and cheating is just a moment, and the third brother's new hack is about to go online. In order to save Gu Chi, he will complete the three most difficult things in the world. Conclusion Due to the sacrifice of the chin, Nashilin has obtained a new bug skill, and the object of training this skill is naturally the weak and weak Sphinx. Killing the Sphinx can not only release the bug The anger in Shi Lin's heart also showed the audience how Gu Chin's soul ability was fused with Na Shi Lin, killing two birds with one stone. Fans, do you think that if Na Shi Lin didn't have Gu Chin's sacrifice to single out this ten thousand-year-old beast? Does the sphinx have a chance of winning? .

The official version of Scorpion Pool (Nashlin turned on the bug mode, but the opening battle of the Man-faced Demon Spider was a bit difficult, Scorpion can still cast spells? Liu Xiaowu flirted hard, Nashilin almost kissed a fake, the beauty

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